National and International Seed Consultants

Sole UK agent for:

van Waveren Saaten GmbH,

Brotherton Seed Co., Inc.

We work with

Pure Line Seeds, Inc.,

Agent for:

Syngenta Crop Protection (UK) Ltd.,

Food Technology Corporation

plus our own & "open" varieties

With much experience of the pea & bean seed trade David Trethewey Seeds is in a position to help with most enquiries. We are proud to be the sole UK agents for van Waveren Saaten GmbH the international seed company. We can supply many popular and respected varieties but also new innovative varieties of vining peas, peas for the fresh market, snow peas and sugar snaps. We also supply seed for a range of beans - dwarf beans and others. We work closely with Pure Line Seeds, Inc., for Europe. We can also supply open varieties throughout the UK, Europe and to many other parts of the world.

Van Waveren are the distributors of Pure Line Seeds in mainland Europe. Distribution in the UK is handled by their UK agents, WA Church (Bures) Ltd.

Complementary services are the supply of the pea seed treatment chemical, Wakil XL, from Syngenta Crop Protection Ltd. Van Waveren can now supply seed treated with the new Syngenta insecticide ‘Cruiser’ and we can also supply other products from their extensive range. We supply Thiram products and other seed treatments from the Agrichem range. We can supply a range of tenderometers and food texture analysis machines (such as the TU-12 Portable Field Tenderometer) from Food Technology Corporation.

We can supply EradiBait products and chemical and fertilizer products from Ilex Envirosciences.

Please have a look around. Do contact us if we can help you at all.